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HempMeds Body Butter 1000mg


An intensely hydrating body butter that rejuvenates dry skin.  Full of luxurious ingredients, this rich whipped cream sinks in for a soft, smooth non-greasy finish leaving skin looking softly radiant from head to toe.

Our Body Butters are carefully blended using premium grade CBD Isolate to create a nourishing body balm that will infuse your skin with hydration and nutrients.  Our long lasting formula leaves you with velvety soft skin.  Body butters will keep its creamy texture until it absorbs into your skin providing the nourishment your body needs.

  • Premium grade CBD Isolate used
  • Organically grown
  • Always cruelty free  – NEVER tested on Animals
  • Grown and formulated in the USA from all natural ingredients.
  • Lab Tested and Sustainably Farmed
  • Zero Additives

Premium quality sourced CBD Isolate contained within our body butters helps your skin retain as much moisture as possible so no matter how dry your skin is!

Not only does our body butter do wonders for moisturizing your skin but it’s great for reducing chances of inflammations or red patches from forming as CBD helps to fight against these reactions naturally!

  • Helps you retain moisture up to 24 hours
  • Hydrates dry, brittle skin so there’s no more cracking

Provides your body with the CBD nutrients it craves in a luxurious way

Hemp Meds

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