3,800mg CBD

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO) 38% CBD Special Blend 10g Tube


Improve your wellbeing with our Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) Special Blend Tube. With a potent 3800mg of CBD, this product offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Easy to use and portable, our Special Blend Tube is a perfect addition to your wellness regimen. Learn more about this product, its benefits, and how it can enhance your wellbeing.

RSHO™ Special Blend CBD hemp oil is our 38% highly concentrated oil. Slightly lighter in color and viscosity than our Blue Label formula but not filtered like our Gold Label, this oil is the perfect blend for those seeking high percents of CBD. Our RSHO™ Special Blend packs 190mg of CBD into every serving, making it far and above the highest potency product we have in our store at 3800mg of CBD per 10g tube.

What sets the Special Blend variety of RSHO™ apart is that it contains by far the highest concentration of CBD. By combining our highly concentrated Gold Label and Blue Label oils, RSHO™ Special Blend results in an incredible concentration of 38% CBD hemp oil.

  • 10 g CBD Hemp Oil
  • 3800 mg of CBD per Tube
  • Minimally Processed; Non-GMO
  • Comes in Easy-to-Measure Oral Applicator
  • ISO-Certified Laboratory Tested


Our RSHO™ CBD hemp oil comes in an easy to dispense oral applicator. Press suggested serving size onto the tip of your finger or a spoon and place under the tongue. Hold in mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing.


  • This product is a lifesaver. - Doug
  • The high concentration really makes a difference. - Laura
  • Good quality product. I've been using it for managing my discomfort, and it's been helpful. - Phil
  • I've tried several CBD products, and this is one of the most effective. - Melissa
  • I feel more balanced and less stressed. - Carl

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